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Augusta Magical History Week

Making history happens in two different ways; a) something totally unexpected happens that causes waves of change and excitement (unfortunately majority of these events are tragic) and b) a planned event that is researched, discussed and mapped out to insure proper execution and maximum effect (atomic bomb, polio vaccination, introduction of the cell phone and laptop).

The world of sports offers historical events/feats daily in some form and fashion. Could be a winning little league home run that wins the championship in a small town in Iowa or claiming the trophy for men’s and women’s March Madness. This week history will be made, and the waves of change will rivet around the world.

The membership at Augusta National will toss a golf ball of change into the world ocean of amateur sports and female competition this week with the introduction of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. 72 women will tee it up this week with the quest to be the inaugural champion. These 72 women will compete in a 36-hole tournament with the top 30 advancing to solo round of competition on Augusta National on Saturday with a world-wide TV audience.

What makes this event history? Augusta National and the Masters have long been aligned as a male only golf course and event. The membership did not accept female members till the turn of the century and only admitted two. Now the membership is knocking down the wall of separation and openly promoting the great game of golf around the world to all women. What will be the return?

Plan on seeing even more young girls at the range and on the golf course. Mom’s will begin hitting golf balls to join their daughters’ ambition. Not only in the USA but around the world. I’m sure there are some individuals with their heads in the sand that won’t get this history making event and will only roll their eyes and move on. For me this is a sports breakthrough that will enhance the game of golf and create even more comradery and competition.

Play on women.


Smokin Joe

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