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Brooks the Real Deal

As I sit here watching Brooks Koepka birdie his last hole of the 1st round of the PGA Championship I’m in total amazement. This is the guy that said majors are the easiest and then described why;

  • 156 total golfers

  • 80 are out for several reasons

  • 30 are first timers that have never played a major

  • 20 will crumble under pressure

  • That leaves only 26 golfers to beat

Bold statement and after a 1st round 63 (-7) he has backed it up with proof. I’m writing this before the history book is closed on the 101st PGA Championship but if I was in Vegas, I would put my last nickel on Brook to win. Three majors in two years is huge and I agree, Brook is not getting the credit he deserves. But he’s no longer the quiet shy Brook Koepka --- no he’s spreading his wings and being heard.

Some call it arrogance – I call it having balls. This guy talks the show and does the show. He is the real thing and the world of golf needs to take notice. By the way did I mention that Brook’s playing partner was a golfer named Woods, Tiger Woods, who shot 2 over.

Brook’s future looks so bright you better put on your shades. The majors are where he wants to make his mark and if I’m looking in the crystal ball, I see Brook with multiple majors, hall of fame placement and records galore. I may be wrong, but his attitude, golf swing, fitness and confidence all shout winner.

As mentioned, this blog is prior to the Sunday Championship ceremony and I may be wrong. But Brooks first round was spectacular, and I want more.

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