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5 Pre-Golf Super Shakes

You need a great start to your golf round with the right fuel. A nutrient-packed, satisfying meal sets you up for better decisions; muscle support, steady blood sugar and sustained energy for a few hours. These super shakes contain the nutritional components you’ll need to play your best. I’ve enjoyed a daily super shake meal since 2003. That’s 13 years of shake-making, time-saving and first-hand knowledge of the convenience and amazing health benefits of blended meals.

Getting a full protein serving with fruits and vegetables dictates later success. Ingesting powerful mineral and vitamin containing carbohydrates make you are less likely to experience a slump. Adding fat gives you sustained energy and helps manage inflammation along with the antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables. Blended meals from single foods replace refined/processed foods like cereals, breads and sugars which promote inflammation, cravings and muscle loss.

Tips: Keep your freezer stocked with frozen pieces of fruit, vegetables and even avocado pieces for convenience. To make the shake, put the frozen fruit and vegetable pieces in the blender first; add the protein powder and water to just under the level of ingredients then blend. Pour contents into the to-go cup then add your topper. When using avocado pieces or nut butters it is best to blend with the main ingredients instead of as a topper.

This simple shake making process takes very little time. Try these 5 Super Shakes or use the template to develop your own healthy favorites.  Each shake contains 1) protein powder, 2) fruit, 3) vegetable, 4) liquid and a 5) topper from fat.

Super Shake Template:

Blend First Four Ingredients.

Pick a Protein Powder (20 – 40 grams protein, Whey, Rice, Pea or Hemp)

Pick a Fruit (frozen pieces, about ½ – 1 cup)

Pick a Vegetable (frozen pieces, ½ – 1 cup or more)

Pick a Liquid (cool water works fine, just enough to blend to desired thickness)

Pour in Glass then add Topper.

Pick a Topper (about 1 – 2 thumb sized portions)

Five Super Shakes:

#1 Chocolate Orange Delight

Chocolate Protein Powder

Small Mandarin Orange frozen in segments (skin optional)

Spinach or Skinned Cooked Beets

Water or Almond milk

CocoNibs or mini chocolate chips

#2  Berry Vanilla Cream

Vanilla protein powder

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Grape Tomatoes

Cold Water

Sliced Almonds

#3 Mean Green Machine

Vanilla Protein Powder

Frozen Pineapple Pieces

Frozen Kale or Spinach

Cold Water

Frozen Avocado Pieces

#4 Peanut Butter Banana Yum

Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder

Frozen Banana Chunks

Frozen Celery Chunks

Cold Water

Peanut Butter or Chopped Peanuts

#5 Mango/Peach Refresher

Vanilla Protein Powder

Frozen Mango & Peach Pieces

Frozen Fennel

Cold Water

Chia Seeds

Enjoy one of these shakes or make your own from fresh foods in season! For more help with nutrition or for weight management and better golf performance please sign up on the contact page at .

-Pam Owens

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