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March Madness

We have entered the holy month of basketball – March Madness! Conference championships, sweating out the bracket selection committee decision and hitting the court. Every shot counts and many a game are decided by the last second long shot. I know, my UH Coogs went down on a half court shot by Michigan in 2018.

But is basketball really the definition of March Madness? I beg to offer my own crazy thoughts on the Pogge definition of March Madness. Very simple – the outright frustration that the swing from winter to spring causes with the weather. Every week the TV is showing golf being played in beautiful destinations under chamber of commerce weather. But in Houston we suffer the extremes – shorts on the range mid-day Saturday and thermal underwear and umbrella’s on Sunday. ☹

Stop – go – watch – play – cart path only – mud – dressed like a polar bear are all signs of March Madness. Other symptoms would be groups of men huddled around the window with adult beverages looking at the 18th green from the pro shop 19th hole. Simple signs of victory are seen when a lone golfer takes on the weather, suits up, buckles down and plays the best game of all – golf – and doing it in cold drizzle weather.

The few the brave the determine believe in the minister from Caddyshack playing in a hurricane and having the round of his life. And as Bill Murray comments – “I'd keep playing I don't think the heavy stuffs coming down for quite awhile.”

Onward through the fog my golf friends. The days of temps in the 100’s are not far off.


Smokin Joe

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