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2019 Resolutions

A new year and a new you – that’s the promise on January 1st. Then reality sets in and you realize that you have set up objectives that call for lifestyle changes which are not easy. Obvious resolutions deal with physical changes – weight, fitness, habits etc. Less obvious are more reality changes – financial, living settings and career. All of these resolutions are great but extremely difficult and I share my support to all of you that tackle them in 2019. For me I want to discuss resolutions that I will be pushing in life and in golf. So here we go ---

Personal 2019 resolutions;

  1. Read a minimum of one book per month! Topics and format don’t matter. But I love a rainy day at a Barnes and Noble looking at what is out in hardback that could take me on a wild adventure, shed light on the thoughts on an individual known to the world or motivate me to get off my ass and do something.

  2. Walk a minimum of one hour a day a minimum of 5 days per week. Walk with the wife, the dogs or Pandora but get up and go for a walk. Not talking an Olympic pace but a lifestyle pace that explores new neighborhoods, parks and destinations. You would be surprised how quickly an hour passes with a good walk.

  3. Start a weekly date night! Look at your schedule and pick one night to go back in time and have a good old fashion date with the wife. Go to the movies, bowling, top golf, museum any number of options exist in Houston. Who knows what you’ll experience and what spark may be lit between your partner and you.

Golf 2019 resolutions:

  1. Be realistic and set a handicap goal that is achievable with some practice, thought process and time. For me – I’m currently an 11 handicap and would be very proud to be an 8 handicap. All that takes is 3 putts per round and some smart play.

  2. Pace of play can always be better. How can I pick it up and encourage my group to do the same? Believe me – one of the 1st things groups check and discuss when finished is how long it took.

  3. Course maintenance is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t ask who didn’t do it just make a practice of filling in extra divots, repairing ball marks, driving carts on the path and away from wet spots, would you walk past trash in your yard – no, pick it up and put it in the next trash container. If every golfer practiced these steps every golf course will look better and play better.

  4. Volunteer with 1st Tee – take time to spend with young individuals teaching the game of golf. Couple of hours per week and the smiles that will be generated are worth a lifetime of memories.

The new year is off and running. If you have made resolutions good luck. If you have fallen off the track – stand up and get back on. If you have not made resolutions perhaps I have provided some ideas for you to get started. One way or the other – go out and make 2019 a great year.

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